Wearable Fall Fashion Trends 2018

The trends of each season can be very intimidating. On runways they are styled very artistically and beautiful, but let's be honest they aren't everyday looks. So I gathered few of this seasons trends, that can easily be incorporated in day to day looks. 1. Animal Print Animal prints are very popular this Fall. I... Continue Reading →


5 Wardrobe Must-Haves

I know that we all have our favorite shirt or favorite pair of shoes that we wear all the time but I think that there are few items that are necessary in everyones closet, even if you aren't a fashionista. These following items will only help you on days, when you don't know what to... Continue Reading →

Summer Vacay Fashion Essentials

  Guyyss, it's officially summer! Which means summer vacations. I love travelling especially in summer when it's warm and sunny and I don't have school. Actually I'm going on a trip at the end of July which I'm sooo excited. So I thought I could share some of my summer vacation essentials. Even if you... Continue Reading →

Rock those clothes, boo

Hi! I really wasn't sure about what to write as my first blogpost. But I thought I would write about something I am passionate about. And one of the topics is fashion but before I give you outfit ideas, essentials or anything else, I want to talk about confidence. More specifically about confidence to wear... Continue Reading →


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