Wearable Fall Fashion Trends 2018

The trends of each season can be very intimidating. On runways they are styled very artistically and beautiful, but let’s be honest they aren’t everyday looks. So I gathered few of this seasons trends, that can easily be incorporated in day to day looks.

1. Animal Print

Animal prints are very popular this Fall. I did a blog post on how to style leopard print ankle booties so you can also check that but I surprisingly like this trend very much. You just have to style it correctly and just don’t overdo it.

Like in the picture above you can style snake print skirt or pants with a cozy sweater for warmth. Add some cool boots and you’re done.

2. Teddy Bear Jacket

I think we all can agree, that everyone has seen the famous, brown teddy bear jacket that every “influencer” has. To be honest, I would like one for myself too but I just haven’t got around to buy it. It just looks so comfy but stylish at the same time.

You can style it with mom jeans, basic shirt and combat boots. Or if you want to be even more comfier, then you can wear it with leggings.

3. Plaid Pants

This one I really like too. I don’t know what it is about these kind of pants but they just look sooo good, in my opinion at least. Personally, I don’t think I can pull them off but I still like them.

I think they look great paired with a basic t-shirt and leather jacket or with big, cozy jumper and combat boots. It would also look great with that teddy bear jacket I mentioned previously. Perfect Fall outfit, if I say so.

These are my top 3 trends this Fall that I’m obsessed with. Let me know if you like them too or you like other trends that I didn’t mention.

Sensationally, Karina.

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