Trend Alert : Sequins Everywhere

Recently, I went shopping for a more formal dress for upcoming Holiday party. And by doing that I realized that in every single store, that I went in, there was at least something with sequins or some sort of sparkle. I realized this must be this seasons big trend. So I will break down to you what items I saw in the stores and maybe how to style few of them.

1. Sequin Dress

Well this one was the most popular item that I saw. The dresses were different styles and cuts. You could find a more sophisticated dress or a total party/clubbing dress. A sequin dress or anything basically is a statement piece. So styling that kind of dress, you don’t need much else. Stick to one colored shoes. The best I think are black heels, you can never go wrong with them.

2. Sequin Top

There were also different styles of tops. Which I think I would feel most comfortable in, regarding anything sequin. Also they are easier to style. They look great with a black pair of jeans for more casual look. Or you can style it with a skirt. If it’s short sleeved you can throw over a blazer.

3. Sequin Skirt

The third is a skirt. Personally, these were my least favourite. At least those which I saw. Because most of the skirts were so short. And like I’m not really into the barley covering skirts. But if you like them, then no problem. It just doesn’t look good on my figure. But yeah, sequin skirts can also be styled casually with a comfy sweater. Or dressed up with a blouse or bodysuit.

4. Sequin Jacket

These weren’t as many but still I saw a few interesting ones. They also are a great statement peace. For example an all black outfit and a sequin jacket would look so good. Or over any basic dress. It would spice up the outfit.

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed and it was helpful. Let me know in the commemts if you like sequin anything.

Sensationally, Karina.

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