Rock those clothes, boo

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Hi! I really wasn’t sure about what to write as my first blogpost. But I thought I would write about something I am passionate about. And one of the topics is fashion but before I give you outfit ideas, essentials or anything else, I want to talk about confidence. More specifically about confidence to wear clothes YOU want and to rock it!

I think nowadays it’s hard for people to be themselves especially for teens because of the bullying that is happening everywhere. I think it’s a big factor regarding confidence and our dressing habits. Many people are afraid to wear clothes they want just because they are afraid of what others may think or say about them. I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not one of those people. I surely was and still sometimes am afraid to wear some type of clothing. But that is ridiculous. You shouldn’t be affected by other people sayings and thoughts especially if those people are meaningless to you. It’s YOUR life, it’s YOUR style, so how you dress should be affecting you not anybody else. If you want to wear that bright shirt, wear that shirt. If you want to wear those stockings, wear those stockings.

One of the reasons why I love fashion is that you can express and show who you are, your personality, your morals. And it’s really sad to see people be judged by that. One thing that I have noticed in my country where I live (Latvia) that people are very conservative whith clothes they wear. I mean, yes, maybe it’s their style but most of the people don’t have the same style. There’s always something diffrent about everyone. And every one of us should embrace it.

So next time your contemplating to wear those sparkly boots or those printed pants just remember it’s your style and only yours. SO ROCK IT, BOO!


Chat with you next time,

XO, Karina!


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